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Instructions to Submit

  1. We recommend completing your application in Microsoft Word or a similar program as a precaution against worst-case scenarios.
  2. Please fill out the online NEEF Grant Request Form and proposed budget form. This will be considered the official version of your grant request and submittal.
  3. Before pressing the "send" button, you must print a hard copy for signature(s) and follow steps 4, 5 and 6 below. 
  4. When you press the “send” button, your grant request will be submitted to NEEF through projects@northeastfoundation.org
  5. Secure the required approval signatures on the hard copy version. Failure to secure the required signatures will be cause for the submittal to be rejected.
  6. Send the hard copy of the grant request form (via PONY) with the required signatures to: North East Educational Foundation (NEEF) 6th Floor
  7. Keep a copy of the grant request with signatures and the budget proposal for your records.


  • You must submit an online copy and a hard copy.
  • Please do not submit any pamphlets, brochures, photos, or other material with either the electronic submittal or the signed hard copy of your electronic submittal.
  • Faxed transmissions will not be accepted.

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