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Applications open January 15, 2019 and close March 30, 2019

After reading the Instructions to Submit, please begin your request by filling out our online form.


  • Read the Instructions (click the yellow button above) thoroughly before submitting an application.
  • You must submit your application and email a copy with the required signature (Principal of campus and Associate Superintendent of Instruction if District-Level) to Foundation@neisd.net.
  • Items will be judged based on innovation, number of students impacted and sustainability of the project beyond one year.
  • Projects are awarded to the campus the applicant lists on the grant request. If the applicant leaves the campus between the time they apply and when the grant is awarded, the Principal can choose to use the funds for the original intended purpose at the campus or return the funds to NEEF.
  • Grants will be awarded by October 2019.

The mission of the NEEF Innovative Grant Program is to financially support classroom teachers in bringing creative and innovative resources and activities to the students of North East ISD.

If you have questions, please email Foundation@neisd.net

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