Since 1986, North East Educational Foundation has funded close to 500 projects that otherwise would not have existed in our schools.

These projects have enhanced curriculum and enriched the lives of students. The Foundation champions the idea that public schools can provide  well-rounded, high-quality education to all students.


In 1985 NEISD Trustee John Seibert recommended to the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Ed West that a non-profit foundation be formed to fund educational programs for North East students. He reasoned that student population was steadily increasing while state financial help was declining.

The state had recently added several unfunded mandates which meant more of the school budget would be used for basic obligations and less would be used for enrichment. Since North East taxpayers would continue to expect students to receive an education of the highest quality, the District followed Seibert's recommendation.

The Articles of Incorporation and the bylaws of the North East Educational Foundation (NEEF) were approved by the state in January 1986, giving NEEF 501(c)(3) charitable status. Its purpose was (and is) to seek, cultivate and obtain revenues to be used for developing and expanding educational opportunities for students of the North East Independent School District.


In 1990, the Board of Directors approved formation of an Endowment Fund into which 25% of undesignated contributions would be placed. After a successful 1992 gala, it was decided that 25% of net gala proceeds would also be placed in the fund. The Endowment was established so NEEF can remain financially sound and accrue interests over the years.

We funded our first projects in 1990-1992. They were an Academic Decathlon math and science test bank for team study and an elementary geography program by Nystrom for map and globe skills for each elementary school.

Our first major gala in 1992 raised $11,000. We were able to purchase the IDEA+ Oral Language Program for each speech pathologist in the District.

Our 1994 gala had a major increase in attendance—449!


The Foundation began selling commemorative brick pavers for the Plaza of Honor in front of the main entrance to Littleton Gym at Blossom Athletic Center.

As our list of donors grew, we began giving recognition in our District-wide publications.
On the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary at the 1996 gala, our speaker was Texas Commissioner of Education, Dr. Mike Moses. Net proceeds totaled $15,513.

We laid our first set of engraved bricks in July 1997. We have laid a set of bricks, once a year every year since.
Total proceeds for the 1997 gala were $26,208. We were able to fund 11 of the 20 proposed grant projects. In 1999, we had another large increase in gala funds to $38,852. Nineteen of the 40 projects proposed were funded.


The speaker for our 2000 gala was astronaut Bonnie Dunbar who spoke on space exploration. She was able to speak to two NEISD campuses earlier in the day. Our theme was “Imagination and Discovery: Education 2000.” Total proceeds were $45,741. Twenty-eight of the 39 projects submitted were funded. We continued to increase our efforts and consistently raised $70,000 over the next two years at the gala.

The Projects Committee updated the proposal form again in 2003 to clarify the criteria for funding. The Foundation does not help individuals; it enhances and supports instructional programs. Projects must enhance and support the instructional curriculum.

In 2004, we were able to fund 44 projects for a total of $55,000. We created a Strategic Planning team in 2004 to increase growth and ensure success over the next decade.

Donations big and small create more opportunities for NEISD students.

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