NEISD student leaders introduced to new Ropes Course

Mar 29, 2018 | Featured, News

There is a new challenge awaiting North East ISD students at the Sports Park off Wetmore Road. Student leaders from around the District were invited to check out the brand new Ropes Course. A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity that helps foster cooperation, socialization and more, through trust-building games. The students are a part of KSHAC (Kids School Health Advisory Committee), who act as the voice for the NEISD student body in regard to both physical and mental health.

The NEISD Ropes Course came to fruition thanks to a NEEF (North East Educational Foundation) grant request. The District Physical Education and Health Department wanted to implement the purchase and installation of 6-8 low/challenge course elements. The funding request was granted and now the Sports Park is home to elements with fun names like, Nitro Crossing, Tarzan Baseball, Zig Zag, and Spider’s Web.

“Low ropes or challenge courses are not easily accessible to our students,” said Rachel Naylor, Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics. “The cost of attending low ropes courses in surrounding areas can be expensive as well. Having an easily accessible challenge course with minimal cost obligation provides our students the opportunity to experience personal growth and team building activities in the amazing setting of the North East Sports Park.”

The NEISD athletics coaches and PE coaches were trained on how the ropes course works last January.

“We are hoping the KSHAC students can encourage and spread the word that this is something student groups can do,” said Lisa Keogh, PE teacher and coach at Harris Middle School. She then reflected on her training experience at the ropes course. “To go through each of those skills ourselves it required a lot of self-reflection and learning to trust people I’ve never met before. This will be great with a group that does work together like PALS.”

The course is also open to NEISD departments that may want to take part in a team building experience. People at all levels of physical fitness can find a great place for them at the ropes course. To learn more or inquire about taking a group to the ropes course please call the Athletics Department at (210) 356-6902.

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