LEE High School’s Farm is Blooming

Jan 10, 2018 | News

LEE High School’s ‘Farm’ is starting to bloom thanks to the hard work and dedication of the members of the Garden Club and their sponsor, Sarah Nordman.

Last year the North East Educational Foundation awarded LEE High School a NEEF Innovative Grant for more than $3,800 to purchase soil, tools, seeds and other garden supplies. These funds turned a bare plot of malnourished soil into an astounding project which produces a bounty of vegetables, herbs and spices.

LEE Farm is championed by Sarah Nordman, art teacher and Garden Club sponsor. Nordman was motivated to apply for the NEEF Grant from her own experience of working her family’s sustainable farm.

LEE High School senior, Marcus Mendez, was encouraged to join the Garden Club during one of Ms. Nordman’s art lessons that showed level-style gardening. “I like spending the morning out here (on the farm) and being able to say that I helped turn nothing into something,” said Mendez.

The ‘Farm’ strives to reach out to LEE students who are beginners and experienced gardeners through education and hands-on involvement with the plants.

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