Investing in our Students

Our purpose is to seek, cultivate and obtain revenues to develop and expand educational opportunities for the students of the North East Independent School District. NEEF underwrites projects and programs that enhance the basic required curriculum and broaden the range of students’ educational experience.

The North East Educational Foundation staff works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure North East ISD students have the best learning opportunities possible. We love promoting innovation within the District and surprising our teachers with classroom grants.

Audited Financials and Policies and Procedures Manual available upon request.

Katherine Sanchez-Rocha

Katherine Sanchez-Rocha

Executive Director


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Community Relations Specialist

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Brooklynne Dominguez

Development Coordinator
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Timeline of our History

The North East Educational Foundation was created in 1985 to expand educational opportunities for students of NEISD. Since that time, the Foundation has funded hundreds of projects that have enriched and enhanced students’ learning experience on our campuses.

NEEF Is Founded
1985 Neef Founded

NEISD Trustee John Seibert recommends to the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Ed West that a nonprofit foundation be formed to fund educational programs for NEISD. He reasons that the student population was increasing while state financial help was declining. The state had recently added several unfunded mandates which meant more of the school budget would be used for basic obligations and less would be used for enrichment. Since North East taxpayers would continue to expect students to receive an education of the highest quality, the District followed Seibert’s recommendation.

Charitable Status

The North East Educational Foundation (NEEF) receives 501(c)(3) charitable status. Its purpose is to seek, cultivate and obtain revenues to be used for developing and expanding educational opportunities for students of North East ISD.

Permanent Investment Funds
1990 first project funded

NEEF Board approves the formation of permanent investment funds into which 25% of undesignated contributions go each year. This was established so NEEF can remain financially sound and accrue interest over the years.

First Projects Funded

First projects are funded! Each elementary school receives an Academic Decathlon math and science test bank for team study and a geography program for map and globe skills by Nystrom.

Texas Commissioner of Education Speaks
1996 Dr Mike Moses - via TEA website

On the Foundation’s 10th anniversary, Texas Commissioner of Education Dr. Mike Moses speaks at NEEF’s gala and emphasizes the importance of education foundations to public schools. The gala raises approximately $15,500.

19 New Projects Funded

Fundraising efforts continue to increase, NEEF raises $38,800. We are able to fund 19 of the 40 projects requested.

44 New Projects Funded

NEEF funds 44 projects for a total of $55,000. We create a strategic planning team to ensure success over the next decade.

Director of Partnerships Assists NEEF
2013 Grant Giveaway

With hard work and determination, NEEF funds $124,500 in grant requests. As funds and responsibilities increased, it became clear the Foundation needed a liaison from the District staff to assist NEEF part-time. The Director of Partnerships for NEISD begins working with NEEF to assist and amplify fundraising efforts.

Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding

NEEF funds a whopping $218,101 in grant requests. The NEISD Board of Trustees and NEEF Board form a new “tightly coupled” model through a Memorandum of Understanding. The Foundation remains a separate, private 501(c)(3), and utilizes staff positions funded by the District to raise funds for the greater good of the District.

Three-Year Strategic Plan
2018 Strategic Planning

The NEEF Board enters into an aggressive three-year strategic plan to encourage growth and innovation within the Foundation.

Sparky is Born

100% increase in team spirit with our newest branding member, SPARKY! Our Facebook followers are asked to participate in the naming of our ‘lightbulb guy.’ NEISD teacher Leigh Anne Roeber is the first follower to mention the name ‘Sparky.’

Record-Breaking Year
Eisenhower Flight Simulator

Another record-breaking year, NEEF funds $363,000 in Innovative Grants for NEISD teachers and students! A flight simulator for Eisenhower Middle School and a sensory motor lab for Thousand Oaks Elementary School are among the 60 projects funded.