Longs Creek Weather Consoles are Heating Up

Feb 22, 2018 | News

Longs Creek Elementary School’s North East Educational Foundation grant from the spring of 2017 purchased consoles that are now connected to the weather station mounted on the roof of the campus.

At the start of every day, student announcers check the weather conditions at Longs Creek. Using classroom consoles, students view graphs plotting inside and outside temperatures and humidity, as well as gather information on wind speed and direction, levels of rain, and barometric pressure. Students can note the high and low temperature for the day, as well as the time of sunrise, sunset, and the phases of the moon with just a glance at the console.

Fourth and fifth grade classes collect weather information one to three times per day, taking notice of air pressure, wind speed, and temperature change. Then students use the information gathered to make predictions for future weather.

“We can explore even more with this weather machine, and weather interests us even more than before,” said Isabella Rodriguez, a fourth grader.

Younger students watch weather patterns and use their knowledge to make important decisions…like whether or not to wear a coat at recess!


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