NEEF awards $10,000 in New Teacher Supply Grants

Aug 16, 2018 | Featured, News

      For the first time, the North East Educational Foundation is awarding teacher supply grants at New Teacher Orientation. Fifty lucky teachers received supply grants of $200 each, for a total of $10,000. Teachers were selected through a random drawing. They will have one more chance to win a supply grant at their Convocations on August 20 and 21, where the Foundation will be giving all teachers, districtwide a chance to win $30,000 worth of supply grants.
     “This is just amazing,” said Cassandra Garrison. “At my last district, this sort of thing is unheard of. I know many new first year teachers or teachers from other districts like me need all the support and supplies we can get, here at NEISD I can honestly say I feel supported. This is just a great start for me and I cannot be happier I came back to this District.”
     The supply grants are an addition to the Foundation’s main mission which is funding innovative classroom grants for North East ISD teachers. Innovative grants will be awarded in late September and early October.

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