Ed White Middle School Calming Room Innovation Grant

Dec 8, 2022 | Grants

Calming Room

At Ed White Middle School, we got to experience the “Calming Room” NEEF (North East Educational Foundation) Innovative Grant.

Kristen Palacios, STAN Counselor guided us on a mindful journey that we did not want to end! Kristen pointed out, “The space is made for students to come, relax and deescalate from whatever is going on with them during the day.”

We melted to the calming music that surrounded us, with a video projection of an undersea scene that was otherworldly. Other ways that they integrate mind and body are kinetic sand, beading projects, fidgets, yoga mats, and calming stuffed animals. The walls have beautiful decals depicting a view of the beach and nature, with affirming messages, such as “Have Hope, Be Strong, Laugh Loud.” This is a safe place where students can receive guidance on regulating their emotions from counselors that are truly gifted individuals that love what they do.

NEEF Innovative Grants enhance the whole student with social emotional experiences both indoors and outdoors.

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