Dash over to Wilshire Elementary

Apr 10, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

Exciting news from Wilshire Elementary School! Recently, Roosevelt High School students led the grand unveiling of the DASH Robot system purchased with a NEEF grant. The high school students demonstrated and taught Wilshire Elementary students how to code the DASH robots to move, make noises, change velocity, and more. The students competed in mini-challenges during the lesson to test their newfound coding skills. One of the second-grade students, Ramiro Hernandez, was particularly impressed, saying “I love it! The commands are good. My favorite thing about it is you can make it drive. You can make it change colors; you can make it do animations and sounds!”

Moreover, the Roosevelt students brought along advanced robots they had created themselves, which gave the elementary students a glimpse of what they could aspire to build as they progressed in their STEM education. The special grand opening event inspired young second-graders to continue on a STEM path through middle and high school.

Charmaine McMillen, Wilshire Elementary’s GT teacher, wrote the NEEF grant of $17,716.76 that made this all possible.

Congratulations 2024 Teachers of the Year!

Congratulations 2024 Teachers of the Year!

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