The Lunchtime Lego Club Grant‘s Many Uses

Jan 24, 2023 | Grants

At Bulverde Creek Elementary, Fifth-Grade Teacher Cheryl Floyd, has extended the NEEF Lunchtime LEGO Club grant to other applications. With a $250 NEEF Innovative Grant check, Cheryl also uses the Legos as a reward system for students that finish their classwork early.

The students are incentivized to focus on their classwork, then quietly enjoy building with Legos. Mrs. Floyd has observed that they have benefited from this non-threatening way of interacting in parallel with other students, because during COVID, students became isolated and are now slowly emerging from their shells.

Additionally, building with Legos strengthens STEM and creativity skills that are necessary for many different academic disciplines and career paths down the line.

The North East Educational Foundation is grateful to NEISD’s teachers for applying for Innovative Grants and for finding ways to perpetuate the use of the grant materials. The grant application process is open to NEISD teachers and faculty until March 10, 2023. Please do not hesitate to apply!
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