Blossoming Minds

Jan 31, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

Blossoming Minds: Cultivating Growth and Knowledge in Nimitz Middle School’s Outdoor Learning Garden

Nimitz Middle School’s Outdoor Learning Center and Sensory and Native Grass Garden is flourishing, thanks to its students and teachers’ hard work and dedication. One inspiring teacher, Jennifer Humphrey, applied for and received a $4,500 grant from the North East Educational Foundation (NEEF) to improve the area. With the help of her students, she has created a beautiful space filled with herbs and native plants that attract birds and pollinators. They have even designed natural watering systems like the unique gutter garden bed built to withstand the relentless Texas heat. Yohannes Solomon explains, “We are designing something like the Roman aqueducts, so it saves water and is better suited for our plants.”

Eighth-grader Everett Walker led another impressive project. “My favorite part…is the sidewalk we are building for handicapped accessibility.” This kind of innovation and creativity is a testament to the boundless imaginations of these young minds. Through their work in the garden, they can apply what they are learning in science and transform a space that was once overrun with weeds.

It’s inspirational to see teachers like Jennifer go the extra mile to research and apply for grants that enable students to thrive and blossom year after year.

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