Bradley Chess Club’s Big Impact

Nov 1, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

Even a small donation can make a big impact!  The Bradley Chess Club used to be limited to only accommodating three chess games, which meant that only a few students could participate. However, thanks to a $300 NEEF grant, they have expanded to now allow up to 36 members in the club.

Mr. David Anderson, an 8th grade science teacher, discovered that after-school chess programs have a positive impact on academic performance. Nathaniel Hernandez, an 8th grader, shared that joining the chess club helped him improve his grades from a B average to straight A’s. Chess has helped him concentrate and focus better. Oliver Contine, a student in his final year of middle school, recently joined the chess club and thinks it’s fantastic. Similarly, Faith Nguyen started playing chess that year and is so passionate about it that she practices during her free time. She loves the cool names of the game’s strategies, such as “the Sicilian Defense” and the “Perp Defense.”

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