Bulverde Elementary Extends Workstations Outdoors

Jan 4, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

Michele Saenz, a Pre-K teacher, had a brilliant idea of taking the interactive workstations from the classroom and extending them outdoors. Thanks to the NEEF grant of $2,266.8, Michele and other volunteers could purchase materials, play equipment, and paint the workstations, including realistic “roads” for the students.

The workstations resemble real-life areas, such as construction zones, sand play, play kitchens and dining areas, a performance stage, roads, and more. This area allows the children to connect their school experiences with the world outside of school, such as their homes, workplaces, and the environment. Their role-playing encourages relationship-building and social-emotional well-being, which helps them grow beyond where they are currently at.

One of the pre-K students, Jack Kimbrough, said, “I like to pretend I’m driving!” He even parked the tricycle neatly into a painted parking space. Another young man scripted and performed his song about it being Friday while others joined in with percussion and bell instruments. Other children were “barbecuing” and learning their roles in this mini-event, from serving to waiting their turn.

The amount of learning that occurs in this open-air classroom is remarkable. Not only do the children get fresh air, but they are also taught valuable lessons by dedicated teachers like Michele.

If you would like to help NEEF continue providing grants such as these to deserving NEISD teachers and classrooms, please consider donating at https://northeastfoundation.org/donations/.

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