Bush Middle School’s Edison Lab

Jan 4, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

Your donations to NEEF have significantly contributed to Bush Middle School, enabling the construction of a top-notch audio/video production and post-production studio named the Edison Lab. The Technology Applications teacher, Mercer Comander, shared that the $2,000 NEEF grant was used to procure professional cameras, microphones, a large green screen, and other high-quality equipment. The studio’s equipment has greatly enhanced the production quality of morning announcements and other school-wide videos broadcast all day on the school’s simulcast.

The students are thrilled to use the professional-grade equipment, and they are making the most of it. Seventh-grader Gabriel Gutierrez, for instance, is filming a robotics competition in the Edison Lab. He is delighted with the digital camcorder’s HD capabilities and external microphone.

Similarly, Jason Manley is excited to work with a digital still camera and create amazing short films with animations using the Adobe Creative Suite. Having such a facility has improved learning across disciplines within Bush Middle School. The students not only learn audio/video post-production, but other classes can also demonstrate their achievements in captivating videos shown throughout the school and on social media.

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