Celebrating the Top 3 NEISD School Fundraisers for the United Way

Jan 19, 2024 | Our Stories

NEEF Canyon Ridge
Congratulations are in order for three North East ISD schools for their amazing fundraising efforts during the 2023 United Way Charitable Campaign. These schools have given the most per capita, and their combined contribution of over $7,100 has earned them each a $500 check from NEEF. The schools awarded are Canyon Ridge Elementary School, Bradley Middle School, and International School of the Americas.

Furthermore, the North East ISD community has shown remarkable generosity in the campaign. Together, NEISD employees have raised an impressive sum of $120,192, which will benefit more than 140 different local non-profit organizations. Among the agencies that received donations through the campaign, the North East Educational Foundation (NEEF) received $5,300 from NEISD employees. This contribution will help support the education of our students and improve the quality of classrooms.

NEEF Canyon Ridge
NEEF Canyon Ridge

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