Driscoll Middle School – Large Print isn’t for Boomers

Mar 28, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

“Over the years, we have discovered that students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, issues with fluency, with decoding, have really benefitted from large print books. So, the grant that we wrote called for building a collection that catered to those needs and helped those struggling readers, “ claimed Driscoll Middle School Librarian and NEEF grant applicant, Christina Reyna. She goes on to explain that having fewer words on the page and having more visual contrast between the font color and the white page background greatly assists with reading. With the help of the grant for $5,527.45, Christina has built a vast collection of large print books with titles that are popular among the students.

Kenneth Richardson, a 7th grade student found that he “loves reading these large print books because it is easier for me to read than the small print books.”

Having this collection of large print books has helped students attain grade-level reading skills, boosted their reading comprehension, and encouraged the love of reading.

The North East Educational Foundation provides grants that encourage new developments and findings that enhance NEISD students’ achievements.

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