Imagination has No Limits at Woodstone Elementary

Aug 22, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

Woodstone Elementary has a special room called The Imagination Station, which a NEEF Grant funded. Students are encouraged to explore, play, and find their passions in the room, filled with opportunities for learning and creativity. Musical instruments, a puppet theater, art easels, robotics, Legos, Magformers, microscopes, and various other activities are dispersed throughout the classroom, providing endless possibilities for students to discover their interests.

During a recent visit to the Imagination Station, two young students performed the Three Little Pigs at the puppet show, inspiring another student to explore the art of puppetry. Xiomara, a young female student, found joy in building structures with Magformers, expressing her desire to become an engineer when she grows up. Fifth-grader Morgan found the Legos particularly appealing, allowing him to create a New York City skyline. “I like playing with Legos here because it lets me do whatever I want, and I have no limit to what I can do.”

Principal Diadra Williams emphasized the importance of providing these experiences to all students, stating that every child has a gift that should be identified and nurtured. As a Title 1 campus, these opportunities are particularly crucial. The North East Educational Foundation supports this mission by providing carefully selected grants to enhance educational opportunities for NEISD students, made possible by generous donors and sponsors like you.

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