Inner Harmony Oasis: Harmony Hills Elementary’s Special Room

Jan 9, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

Thanks to the NEEF Harmony Room Grant, Harmony Hills Elementary was able to provide a wonderful space for the entire student body to benefit from, with only $1,309.65. Shasta Syeda, an ALE SPED teacher, shared that before the room was created, there were many challenges with behavior among students, including both special ed and general student populations. However, now that there’s a pleasant space with calming lights, tactile sensory toys, and safe spaces, children have a place to calm down before a triggering event and shift to play mode once they stabilize. The equipment in the room is designed to help children focus on play movement and sensory items. Plus, the room is even used as a reward for good behavior as well.

One student, John Beadle, looks forward to coming into the room as a reward. He accumulates sticky notes throughout the day for good behavior and effort in the classroom. Once he reaches 15 good notes, he gets 15 minutes after school in the Harmony room to “kinda mess around.” The room has successfully created a carefree and happy environment for all children who enter, allowing them to get out their playful energy and focus on the stations around the room. It has truly made a difference in their ability to regulate themselves and find peace, which is a crucial foundation for being a successful student.

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