Johnson High School Students have Reached their Melting Point!

Mar 30, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

Keeping students safe while they study advanced concepts was Elisa Compton’s main reason for providing AP and Honors Chemistry students with two Vernier GoDirect Melt Temp stations to safely observe the melting points of various substances. Prior to using this equipment, students had to do the experiments with a Bunsen burner and hot oil over an open flame.

“These instruments will allow me to bring a very common analytical technique to the students in a way that is far more realistic to what they will see in college and industry. It will be safer, easier, and produce better data that they will be able to analyze to make cogent arguments in their lab reports.” Elisa Compton

Johnson Sophomore Lucas Wessel reflects, “I thought it was cool to use the instruments to find very accurate melting points and see how different substances worked.” Other students have reported that the capstone project is one of the best experiences they have had in chemistry class.

That is exactly the goal of NEISD and NEEF, to enhance learning through innovative ideas and methods that our great teachers propose and fund their implementation through the generosity of donors.

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Congratulations to 2023 Teachers of the Year!

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Thanks for Helping Fund-A-Need!

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