Las Lomas GT Teacher, Mrs. Hardin, Transforms the GT STEAM Club with a NEEF Grant

Jan 25, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

At Las Lomas Elementary, Melissa Hardin’s GT STEAM club provides students an excellent opportunity to work on STEAM projects. Recently, the STEAM Club had the chance to create custom keychains using a 3-d printer and CAD software that was purchased with NEEF Grant funds. It was a thrilling experience for Orion Yukio, a third grader, as he watched the printer finalize his white keychain with his name spelled out. He explained how they used a software program called Tinkercad to design the items. They started with a cube, reshaped it into a rectangle, and added text that would protrude.

Genevieve Schneider, another third grader, was excited to design a 3-D project for the first time. Owen Sundeen added that they had a limit of 5 symbols on the keychain and a size limit, so everyone in the STEAM club would get a chance to print their designs. He also mentioned that the keychain design had internal hexagonal shapes that strengthened its structure. Regarding Tinkercad, Owen remarked, “Once you get the hang of it, it’s very cool to use.”

These and other NEISD students benefit from thoughtful teachers like Mrs. Hardin, who research learning opportunities and apply for and receive NEEF grants to make their vision a reality. Please thank your students’ teachers and donate to NEEF so we can provide more Student Impact Grants year after year.

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