Learning is Fun at Wilshire Elementary

Jul 12, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

The children of Marlise Rodriguez’s 3rd grade class don’t even realize that they are learning and building life skills when putting the Learning is Fun grant in action. With a small NEEF grant of $413, Mrs. Rodriguez purchased a variety of board games, some of which event challenge adults.

Marlise explains the logic of this grant, “The students learn to be cooperative teammates, learn how to strategize and build their skills to develop higher order thinking.”

The room was abuzz with the chatter of children having a good time, taking turns, learning and teaching each other game rules of complicated games such as Monopoly, Battleship, UNO, Connect 4, and more. These games not only require critical thinking and cooperation, but also require math skills and logical problem solving.

“They also learn that it’s not always about winning. We are working on our lead forward strategies of think win-win and synergizing.” Marlise Rodriguez

The North East Educational Foundation exists to support NEISD teachers and classrooms with the funds to go beyond the standard requirements of public school education and implement innovative ways to teach a broad range of concepts.

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You Gave Big for the Big Give!

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