Making Books Accessible to Every Child at Canyon Ridge Library

Jan 4, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

At Canyon Ridge Elementary, Stacey Gleinser, the school librarian, recognized the need to make reading more accessible for all students. She aimed to create a collection of books that would allow every student to experience the joy of reading and excitement. To achieve this goal, she applied for and received a $3,500 NEEF grant, which she used to purchase books inclusive of sensory items such as textures and to acquire audio and large print books. Mrs. Gleinser’s efforts have had a positive impact on the students. According to her, there were kids who would never touch a chapter book until they got a hold of the large print books.

Fourth-grader Brock Hussey is one such student who has benefited from this initiative. He can now read “harder books” and feels more confident as a reader since switching to large print books. Similarly, fifth-grader Kiyomi Hernandez has been enjoying audiobooks as she can multitask while listening to a story. She also prefers large print books because sometimes she struggles with reading and understanding words due to vision issues.

Overall, the efforts of Mrs. Gleinser have made a significant difference in the reading experience of the students at Canyon Ridge Elementary

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