Pre-K Academy’s STEM Stations Elevate Students’ Learning Experience

Jan 9, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

CindiMarie McKenzie, a Pre-K Academy teacher, was overjoyed to receive the NEEF grant that enabled her to purchase new materials for her students. McKenzie knew these materials were out of reach for her school’s budget, so the grant was a real game-changer. The materials comprise various STEM stations, and the kids rotate around them. Each station had a different activity, and the children gained critical skills as they moved from one station to another. They learned to plan, design, and build structures and even played with them. The children take self-initiative, strategize how to accomplish their goals and adjust as they create.

There were several stations, including sand play, building blocks, painting and art, play-doh, and more. Another teacher, Sierra Smith observed that the children were expanding their creativity by doing and seeing their potential to start a project and create something fantastic. The teachers developed and encouraged each student’s growth, and the children were excited to see what they could create.

The students even worked on social-emotional skills, such as sharing and negotiating materials. The children learned to work together, take turns, trade, and share materials, either working parallel to each other or collaborating on a joint activity.

Overall, the NEEF grant was a great investment in the children’s education, and the materials have significantly impacted their growth and development.

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