Reasons to Smile at CTEC’s Dental Assistance Program

Jan 4, 2024 | Grants, Our Stories

“When I walked into Sonya Brown’s Dental Assistance Program within CTEC’s Medical Professions Academy, I felt like I was in a real dentist’s office,” said Olga Valanos from NEEF community relations. Not only are there dental chairs and lights, but now, they have actual X-ray software to practice taking and reading X-rays on the Dental X-ray simulator Manikins. The digital readings can be used in a job or college application. Additionally, using this real-life software helps the students when they are taking the tests for X-ray certification.

Before the software, students would view donated X-rays and rely on videos. With the software, they can interact with the X-rays and delve deeper into the bone, tooth, and underlying structures. “The software really helps me because I can see clear images and it helps me to diagnose,” said Ella Carlson, who plans to obtain her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at Brigham Young University.

Zach Sanchez also plans to continue studying radiology in college and hopes to work in a dental office. The Dental Assistance Program’s X-ray software has provided students with valuable hands-on experience and a competitive advantage in the job market.

If you would like to help NEISD schools provide real-world simulated learning then consider donating to NEEF. You can do so by going to the following website:

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