Record Breaking Big Give Fundraiser!

Sep 26, 2022 | Our Stories

This year, the North East Educational Foundation and participating NEISD campuses raised a record amount of funds for the #BigGive2022 campaign. We surpassed our goal by 15% to raise $126,986. Among the 396 participating Big Give SA fundraisers, we achieved 1st place for the number of donors (1,401). Additionally, our Foundation placed 6th on the leaderboard for the total dollar amount raised.

This year’s winners among NEISD campuses are:

1st Place: Lopez Middle School raised $12,010 who won an additional $1,500

2nd Place: Tejeda Middle School raised $11,265, won an additional $500, and

3rd Place: Encino Park Elementary raised $10,095, won an additional $350

Donor Brittany Lynch commented, “I want to donate to the North East Educational Foundation because, as a military family, this has been the best school district my children have ever experienced. They feel important, empowered and confident. Thank you”

Sharon Ackah, a Roan Forest Elementary School parent stated, “I think Roan Forest is doing an awesome job for the kids!”

In the Redland Oaks Elementary fundraiser, Brenda Sheridan commented, “Hope this goes a long way to help those that need it in Ms D’s classes.”

Funds raised during the Big Give go to each campus that participated and to Innovative Grants through the North East Educational Foundation.

Thank you to all the NEEF Chiefs for their fundraising efforts, and the parents and community that donated to the Big Give.

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