Redland Oaks Discovery Lab

Jun 15, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

Redland Oaks was without a science lab until they received a grant from NEEF. Thanks to the grant, they have a hands-on lab that allows students to engage in various scientific experiences. “We’ve been able to hatch chicks.” Fifth-grade Science teacher, Angie D’Ambrosio, added, “We also bought a motorized stream table so they can explore erosion.”

The children feed and observe a fish named Big Moe in the classroom. One student mentioned that Big Moe is “a type of fish that would get mad at everything.”

During my visit, I saw students collaborating to create a giant marble maze and coordinate their movements to guide the ball. The students learn science concepts and develop teamwork skills by immersing themselves in these activities.

Teachers like Mrs. D’Ambrosio creatively apply and implement grants to enhance student success, and NEEF supports them by funding innovative ways to improve the learning environment.

You Gave Big for the Big Give!

You Gave Big for the Big Give!

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