Steubing Ranch Elementary – Golden Spur Coin NEEF Grant

Jun 12, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

The Golden Spur Coin book vending machine was a grant that Steubing Ranch Elementary school’s librarian, Marie Arce applied for in 2021. “Our students are super excited about our machine because it meets the needs of all kids. There are both English books and Spanish books because we are a dual campus,” remarked Marie Arce. Students can earn a coin by creating goals for themselves whether it is an attendance, academic, or behavioral goal. Additionally, if a student has displayed leadership, or achieved something outstanding, a teacher can offer them a coin.

Marie Arce presented Karis Lott, a fifth-grade dual language student, with a Golden Spur Coin, because she has shown marked academic progress, and her grades continue to soar.

Upon receiving the coin, Karis conveyed, “It makes me super happy because I’ve tried really hard to get this, and I practiced and practiced until I got better.”

Innovations like the book vending machine are useful tools in rewarding students for reaching milestones. Instead of getting junk from a vending machine, they are rewarded with a book! Books are the gift that keeps giving, and NEEF wants to keep giving amazing grants to NEISD teachers and classrooms with the help of generous donors.

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