Teaching from the Heart at Cibolo Green Elementary

Mar 6, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

“Teaching from the heart, while learning differently” is the motto of Cibolo Green Elementary School’s Smart Lab, which was funded by a NEEF grant.

Jeanette dela Cruz bought equipment and supplies for a sensory room that helps K – 2 students develop sensory, emotional, and gross motor skills that are needed for complex learning tasks such as handwriting, and language development. The partition wall helps students feel safe and secure while they are learning around a special table. The work being done at Cibolo Green’s Smart Lab is nothing short of a miracle, as children are making great strides toward learning success.

Getting their hands dirty at Ed White Middle School!

Getting their hands dirty at Ed White Middle School!

Ed White Middle School students are getting hands-on experience in the NEEF-funded garden beds. Their seventh-grade science teacher, Carmen Keane, points out that her students are planting seasonal flowers that day. Other times, garden vegetables are being grown along...