Where Words Fail, Music Speaks. Hans Christian Andersen

May 31, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

The Soundscapes grant at Northwood Elementary School was the brainchild of Marcy Hildebrand, a 5th-grade teacher. After Covid, she observed that students had trouble communicating with one another. So, she wanted to provide a space “where students could make music together, communicate in song, spend time with each other hearing relaxing sounds, making beautiful music. You can see them physically relax as they’re playing together. Some come out with lots of frustrations and bang on the instruments. By the time they are done, they are making beautiful music.”

Sloan Kimmel, 5th Grader, “I play music a lot with my friends. We make up different songs, and we just have a lot of fun.”

With the NEEF Grant, the school installed different types of xylophones, percussion instruments, and 7-foot-tall chimes, all in a passive solar-shaded area dedicated to outdoor musical play.

Many of NEISD’s thoughtful teachers have researched innovative ways to address the whole student, and the Northwood Elementary Soundscapes is a prime example. To find out more about the North East Educational Foundation, visit https://northeastfoundation.org.

You Gave Big for the Big Give!

You Gave Big for the Big Give!

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