Windcrest Elementary’s Interior Surfaces are Inspiring Young Minds

Jul 12, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

In 2021, Dyslexia Therapist, Bianca Sanders applied for the “Inspiring and Excelling Minds” NEEF grant. Her experience and research led her to find a different way for young students to learn through the principles of kinetic movement. By using the whole body while learning concepts, the students retain what they learn.

What does this look like? The floors, walls, and stairs at Windcrest Elementary are decorated with decals of numbers, the alphabet, shapes, and patterns for children to walk, hop or jump on.

One young student said, “I like hopping on the numbers.” She counted aloud as she hopped along. Meanwhile, two young girls trace the outlines of shapes on the wall, helping them build hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Going to the second floor, Maryam Samavati, Math Coach explains how the fraction strips on the stairs help children learn. “They are a great visual representation that brings fractions to life where kids can have fun and move while learning.” Maryam asks the two students to “Show the fraction equivalent to one half.” They run up the stairs and one proclaims, “two fourths!” The student clearly had fun while conquering mathematical principles and several stairs simultaneously.

NEEF is grateful for NEISD teachers’ efforts to expand upon traditional teaching to bring new ideas that further students’ academic success. Our foundation funds these innovations through grants thanks to donors like you.

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