Workshop Wonders: Unleashing Learning in Imaginary Workplaces

Dec 6, 2023 | Grants, Our Stories

Leslie Rosas, a 3rd grade bilingual teacher who won Teacher of the Year in the Elementary School category, shared her experience with Classroom Transformations, saying, “Classroom Transformations has been an awesome experience. Thanks to the Grant, we now have access to materials to create different settings that students can learn in.” The program allows students to learn in a fun and interactive way. For example, one day, the students dressed up as cooks at a restaurant, where the “waiter” took orders, and they all added up the prices. They also learned fractions by dividing up pizzas.

On another day, the students were in a construction zone, where Dolangie De Hoyos enjoyed dressing up like a construction worker. “I like this job; I want to be in this job,” she said.

Austin Waller, a 3rd grader, smiled as he explained why he was measuring yellow tape box outlines on the floor. “We are measuring area and perimeter,” he said.

Each grade has different lessons within the classroom transformation. For instance, 5th grader Amelia Soto’s favorite class was also in a construction zone. “We ended up hooking up a bunch of batteries to power up one light bulb, and it turned out really bright, and that’s been one of my favorites.” The program has been a great success, allowing students to learn in a fun and engaging way.Thanks!

Congratulations 2024 Teachers of the Year!

Congratulations 2024 Teachers of the Year!

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