You Gave Big for the Big Give!

Sep 25, 2023 | Our Stories

big give
We want to express our gratitude to every single person who contributed to the success of this year’s Big Give. Thanks to your generosity, the North East Educational Foundation was able to win an additional $2,500 for raising the most amount of funds in the Medium Budget Category. We also ranked in 3rd place among all non-profits for the number of donors and within the top 10 for the total amount raised, which was an impressive $89,349. It was a true team effort, and we are extremely grateful for your donations, especially during a year when inflationary pressures were high.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that our fundraisers raised $74,128.

1st Place: Lopez Middle School raised $9,630 , won an additional $1,500

2nd Place: Tejeda Middle School raised $6,340, won $500, and

3rd Place: Huebner Elementary raised $4,750, won $350

It’s important to note that fundraising is a critical part of our efforts to support our school district. While we do receive funding from both Federal and State Governments, it only covers basic curriculum requirements, and our teachers often rely on grants to purchase school supplies, STEM equipment, and other necessary items to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. Your personal involvement and contributions play a vital role in helping us make NEISD an outstanding school district that prepares future leaders and contributors to society. Thank you for your continued support!

Full STEAM Ahead at Wetmore Elementary School

Full STEAM Ahead at Wetmore Elementary School

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Bradley Chess Club’s Big Impact

Bradley Chess Club’s Big Impact

Even a small donation can make a big impact!  The Bradley Chess Club used to be limited to only accommodating three chess games, which meant that only a few students could participate. However, thanks to a $300 NEEF grant, they have expanded to now allow up to 36...